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Prairie Wind

The South Downtown Concept Plan noted that an opportunity for a landmark is located at the terminus of 2nd Avenue. The extension of 2nd Avenue is proposed to culminate in a turning circle that can act as a visual terminus. This feature should become a "natural draw" and an interesting feature that is a focus for this area.

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The official unveiling of Prairie Wind was held on Tuesday, December 5, 2006, which  marks the end of an exciting centennial year, and the beginning of a new era of site-specific art in our community.  The idea for a landmark in River Landing was first expressed in the South Downtown Concept Plan. The Plan noted that 2nd Avenue will culminate in a turning circle that can act as a visual terminus. “A landmark at this location would become a natural draw and an interesting feature that could be a focus for this area.” At the same time, City Council recognized the opportunity to produce a public art piece to serve as a lasting recognition of our centennial. As such, the plaza was commissioned to celebrate Saskatoon’s 100- year history, and to look forward to the next 100 years.  The process culminated in the selection of Prairie Wind, which draws its inspiration from the wind and the grasses that grow in abundance throughout the prairies and parkland surrounding the city. 

    Official Unveiling Programme
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The experience of watching a field of tall grass swaying in the wind is one that is shared by all Saskatchewan people.  As noted by the selection jury, Prairie Wind serves as a visual link between the urban and the rural, the old and the new, the high-tech and the organic.  Please, take the time to bring friends and family to visit Saskatoon’s Prairie Wind!

Last updated March 5, 2008

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