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River Landing Interpretive Plan

River Landing Interpretive Plan
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The subtle richness of history in Saskatoon’s south downtown, in particular on the River Landing site, is often hidden from the casual observer. The River Landing Interpretive Plan aims to reveal the secrets of the site’s unique history by providing guiding principles for the development of stories just waiting to be told.

After an initial visioning workshop and careful analysis of the site and local resources, the resulting stories were recorded and potential media explored. The resulting report provides a layer of meaning to the River landing that pays respect to the past while looking to Saskatoon’s future. Visitors to the site — including long-time residents of Saskatoon — will experience first-hand that “Saskatoon Shines!”

The contents of this plan can be used immediately as a reference for planners abd designers who are looking to add meaning to any River Landing development, from commercial to cultural. Over the long term, the concepts outlined here will provide the framework for the content, look and feel of outdoor interpretive signage and clarify the vision for indoor spaces and the cultural centre.

The expected result of using this document as a reference for the River Landing development is the creation of a thoughtful, unified and coherent experience that sings with that ‘sense of place’ in which visitors will delight for years to come.

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